The Season to Sin

The Season to Sin

Christmas Seductions #1

Clare Connelly

The Season to Sin by Clare Connelly

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story that is full of emotion as two people with a lot of hurt from their past come together in a combustible, steamy and hot story, one that will leave you feeling over the moon for them in the end, but their journey is a struggle filled with passion, feeling and hurt.

Billionaire Noah Moore is struggling with work and life at the moment and is pressured into seeing a psychologist by his best friend and business partner, never expecting to find himself instantly attracted to the beautiful Dr Holly Scott-Leigh and what’s more he is no way convinced that therapy is what he needs, but sex with Holly is what he wants and he goes all out to achieved this and a fling should help him, nothing permanent of course that will be for Noah.

Holly is a single Mum working hard, she has been through so much with her ex-husband and has never crossed the line in her patient Doctor relationship that is until Noah Moore walks into her office, she can almost feel the pain and hurt that he is holding in, but she can also feel the sexual tension and the need he has for her and although it has been a long time between men for Holly her body craves like it has not before, but she cannot be his Doctor.

WOW it took me a bit to get to know Noah and Holly in this story but when I did everything opened up the feelings, emotions just flew off the pages, this story is intense and moving as Holly works hard to get through to Noah, the sex is widely passionate they cannot get enough of each other, but Holly knows there is more to uncover with Noah’s past and when he realizes that he does love Holly, and what he does to win her over just had me smiling so much, yes it starts at Christmas time one of my favourite times and Holly and her daughter Ivy get a fabulous Christmas present the following year. I do highly recommend this one thank you MS Connelly for another fabulous story.

4/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: November 29th 2018 by Harlequin Dare

Wild Child (Sexy Little Secrets, #1) by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Nas Dean

WILD CHILD (Sexy Little Secrets, #1) by author Christy McKellen is a November 2018 release by Harlequin Dare series.
Maya Darlingtom-Hume goes all out after businessman Benedict Chivers when he walks in on her while she is pleasuring herself! Now she wants him!

Would Benedict fall for her tricks? She is in his office daily as she is working for him. And the scorching chemistry between them keeps the passion flaring whenever they are in close proximity. But things definitely change when Benedict manages to unravel Maya’s mystery and finds her true self underneath all the bravado.

WILD CHILD (Sexy Little Secrets, #1) is a super-hot, scorcher of a read! Author Christy McKellen not only opened the bedroom door on this story, but opened the office door as well! This is a fun, sexy and steamy romp. It takes a reader on an alternate journey of what happens when plans go wrong and right. The journey she takes to try and make him hers is sexy as well as emotional.

Highly recommended for all readers of hot romance.


Wild Child (Sexy Little Secrets Book 1)
Reviewed by Helen

This is Christy McKellen’s first book for the Harlequin Dare line and what a story it is, it rocks, sexy, steamy and really moving, this one is a page turner and if you like some hot sex with a great story then this book is for you.

Maya Darlington-Hume is the life of a party, she has her reasons for being so wild and this tends to push her father a little bit but she wants to take a different path in her life and her father is pushing her to learn, to be a little more like her sisters, but when she is naked in a bath tub and a gorgeous stranger walks in on her, her life is about to change you see Maya is drawn to this stranger like she has never been drawn to man before.

Benedict Chivers has worked his way up from the bottom and he has no plans to go back there again, but he needs help from Mr Darlington-Hume to put his IT company on the map, but when he walks in on his daughter the beautiful and feisty Maya, he is hard pressed to keep his hands off her, and it is a fight of emotions as to whether Maya will convince him to live a little.

This is one hot story, keep a fan at the ready but the emotions that fly off the pages are just so moving and Maya and Ben deserve to have the best, they are a match made in heaven and when cupid fires that arrow nothing is going to stop them from reaching that tower of love together, this is a story that I highly recommend, and I do look forward to Maya’s sisters stories. Thank you MS McKellen for a fabulous story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published November 1st 2018 by Harlequin Mills & Boon

Getting Even

Getting Even

Avril Tremayne

Getting Even by Avril Tremayne

Reviewed by Helen

If you love your stories hot, steamy with lots of snarky humour and lots of emotion, then this is a story for you, I devoured this one every word adds to the story of second chance at love, when Rafael and Veronica decide that two weeks together will get each other out of their hearts but will it bring them back together? You need to read this one and see what happens.

Veronica Johnson comes from a rich family a family steeped in old money and when studying at university in DC she meets the man that she is sure will be the one and only the man that she will love always and that is Rafael Velez, and for three years their relationship is fabulous yes there are arguments but there is great sex and lots of love, but Rafael has a huge problem when she presents him with a graduation gift that makes him think about their future and he walks away and she lets him.

Rafael Velez is a poor Columbian but it is love at first sight when he meets Veronica, even though he loves her with all of his heart there is still a big difference in their backgrounds and he does not like feeling like a bought man, and when she has the best gift for him, he decides it is time to make some money himself and then come back for her but Veronica never lets him come back and explain, and they are apart for seven years but her always knows what she is doing he never gets over loving her as he writes his bestselling books.

When they are at their best friend’s Matt and Romy’s wedding and meeting up again Veronica has the daggers out for Rafael, but Rafael is determined to get under skin and back in her life anyway he can and when they agree to spending two weeks together, their lives heat up in the physical and emotional way, can I say WOW this one had my glasses steaming up, but the emotion and the humour throughout this story makes it a must read, I loved it, MS Tremayne does sexy, hot sarcasm and humour in a way that will have you turning the pages, thank you for another fantastic story and I am really looking forward to Teague’s story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: October 22nd 2018 by Mills & Boon Dare

Playing House

Playing House

Sydney Smoke Rugby #5

Amy Andrews

Playing House by Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series, MS Andrews has a way with words that is magical, she knows how to write steamy and fun and moving and fabulous. This is Bodie’s story, tough rugby player and Eleanor (Nell) farm girl and specialist seamstress, two very different people that see each other across a room and bang instant attraction sit back and enjoy this one.

Eleanor is a quiet twenty six year old female living on the farm and dreaming of life in the nineteenth century, she loves Austen and Heyer and sewing fabulous vintage dresses and underwear from that era, she is also the sister of Ryder one of the Sydney Smoke players and a quirky sister, not the beautiful one according to her, but when she is at Ryder’s engagement party she is spotted by the wall just hanging out by Bodie Sydney Some player, and there is a spark, and Eleanor’s life is about to change.

When Bodie notices the beautiful woman dressed in the gorgeous corset trying to hide behind the palm he is attracted to her like he hasn’t been in a long time and cannot resist making himself known to her, and he is most pleased when she agrees to meet him in his room for a night of pleasure, and woohoo what a night it is, but sadly she is gone in the morning and he is none the wiser how to get in contact with her because he wants more of Eleanor, 2 months later she rings him and wants to see him with a surprise and he is rather shocked as to who she is, he has crossed a line here but what can he do he is so drawn to her.

Eleanor and Bodie just melted me in this story, honestly I was laughing out loud as they started their very sensual and steamy journey of getting to know each other I loved the vintage underwear that Bodie loved as well, there of course are always ups and downs in any relationship and there is emotion and tears. I just love Eleanor so much what a girl, and Bodie has a hard time convincing Eleanor that he truly is in love with her and the way he does it OMG is just so good, don’t miss this one, it really is fabulous there was lots of laughter, tears and such joy and bliss, the clothing the references to Austen and Heyer the Victorian era I loved so much, MS Andrews you rocked this one I loved it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published February 12th 2018 by Entangled: Brazen



Outlaw Warriors

Cathleen Ross

Snatched by Cathleen Ross

Reviewed by Helen

This is a steamy, sensual story, yes with lots of sex and it is a biker story and these guys are hard and can be very tough, they have names that are different, they really don’t like using their own names, but in this case Troy DeLance known as Beast has a heart a big one as he goes after his prospect’s sister Stacey for revenge and things are going to turn upside down for them both.

Stacey Martin is in New Orleans trying to sort out her father’s business after his death, Stacey has lived most of her life in New York with her Mum and Step-Dad, but she is determined to make something of her life and keep the business running, but of course life doesn’t always go to plan when her brother Brian (Animal) has done a runner with the daughter of the president of the biker club The Slayers, and she ends up in the hands of the gorgeous Beast, the enforcer from The Slayers.

Troy has returned from the middle east and is unsure where his future lies, but when his sister is kidnapped he goes out for revenge and taking another person’s sister for ransom is what he does, but he never thinks that his body will react to her the way it does, and as he gets to know her he realizes that it is not only her body he wants but this young woman is smart and classy and feisty. He takes on protective duty with her when there could be danger for her and their sex lives sends sparks through the universe.

MS Ross knows how to bring her characters to life on the pages not only with the steamy sex but with conversations that let us get to know them, and some lively arguments that lead to some sensual scenes, seeing their emotions and feeling them as these two strong people make their way to a HEA that has a lot of hurdles to cross making out with a biker is not always plain sailing, and meeting Beast’s pet was a bit hair-raising, if you are into erotic and moving stories then this is one for you.

4/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: September 17th 2018 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Scorched)

Hard Deal

Hard Deal

Melbourne After Dark #2

Stefanie London

Hard Deal by Stefanie London

Reviewed by Helen

I bow down to you MS London you steamed my glasses up and made me laugh in this fabulous instalment in this series, it is witty, funny and so very sensual it sizzles as Imogen Hargrove is seduced by the disreputable Caleb Allbrook in a journey to a HEA which left me so very happy, this is a story not to be missed.

Imogen works as PA to the head of The Allbrook company, she has been burnt badly by her ex-husband and finds it very hard to trust men, she can be very insecure, but at work she takes no nonsense from anyone even the boss’s son Caleb, he is one man she intends to stay away from even if her heart flutters at times when he is near. But when she suspects that her sister’s fiancé is two timing her Imogen makes it her business to do some investigating and this leads her to actually get help from non-other than Caleb.

Caleb has always been second best son in his family and seems to go out of his way to set his father off, the way he dresses, his socks are the best, and yes he has had many relationships none that have lasted but he is drawn to his father’s PA but she always seems to avoid him or has smarty pants answers, but one day he is determined to get to know her better, and when that chance happens at the masquerade ball when she literally falls at his feet, let the fun begin.

I savoured every word in this book, I laughed, I felt for Caleb at times with his position with his family, the emotions ran strong throughout, and the steamy, sensual seduction that played out as Caleb bought the insecure Imogen from grey to rainbow, and bought her back to what she was before her ex, got her to remember what enjoying life and sex is all about and to see them fall so much in love was such a pleasure woohoo I loved this story, I highly recommend this one, it just rocks, thank you MS London for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: September 1st 2018 by Harlequin Dare

Total Control

Total Control

11th Hour #2

Jackie Ashenden

Total Control by Jackie Ashenden

Reviewed by Helen

I am loving this series and MS Ashenden has bought new meaning to the word awesome in this one, can I say WOW what a story, I could barely put this one down, a fabulous friends to lovers story with gun running criminals to be caught and helicopter pilot Kellan Blake and IT expert Sabrina Leighton teaming up to catch them, but they have to have a story to arrive at Kellan’s home and a fake engagement is just the thing although Sabrina is none too happy.

Kellan is an ex SEAL after being injured and given a release from them, he now works for semi legal 11th Hour group doing what he does best catching the bad guys, but when he is told to check out his own father he is not happy and is determined to prove his boss Jacob Night wrong, and he is not happy either that they are teaming him up with Sabrina who has been his best friend forever to help with the mission, emotions are going to run riot on this mission.

Sabrina works for 11th Hour as the best computer hacker there is, she is smart, quiet and has been in love with her best friend Kellan since she was ten years old, you see she lived with Kellan’s family after losing her mother and brothers in a terrible accident and the her father walked away and the Blake’s took her in. She has secrets that she has kept for a long time and now that she is back there as Kellan’s fake fiancé chasing bad guys can she keep her feelings intact or will she be hurt?

This story takes us on a very sensual and rocky road to a beautiful HEA Kellan is strong and a little bit alpha whereas Sabrina is stubborn, feisty and a little vulnerable and yes they have been best friends forever but Sabrina has loved Kellan for many years and is scared to open up to him and as for Kellan when he finally realizes that he does love Sabrina explosions happen. This story is fast paced, action packed and just awesome it rocks I loved it from the start and the ending fabulous (can’t wait for the next one in the series). Kellan gorgeous fabulous hero and Sabrina beautiful and so very caring are made for each other and MS Ashenden you have left this reader very happy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 26th 2018 by Kensington