She Devil (Sexy Little Secrets) by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Nas Dean

SHE DEVIL (Sexy Little Secrets) by author Christy McKellen is an August 2019 release by Harlequin Dare series.

This is Book 3 of the Sexy Little Secrets series by Christy McKellen.

Book 1: Wild Child — is Maya Darlington-Hume’s story, November 2018.
Book 2: Good Girl — is Juno Darlington Hume’s story, April 2019.

April Darlington-Hume is a successful business woman. But a successful business woman who left Jamie ten years ago. 

Now Jamie wants to know why she left him and what secret she’s been hiding. So, he decides to get her alone on an island on the pretext of selling her his company. Once on the island, sparks fly and April realises the chemistry between them is still as hot as ever. The passion skyrockets and all barriers break down. But would April let the last wall down and share with him the secret which she had kept for the last ten years? 

SHE DEVIL is a hot and steamy story. April is a strong character with good family values and Jamie is a gorgeous yet sensitive guy. Author Christy McKellen beautifully brought these two characters together making them move past their grievances and achieving their happy ever after. This is an emotionally uplifting story of hope and future. 

Highly recommended for all readers of hot romance. 


Rough and Ready

Rough and Ready

Outlaw Warriors #2

Cathleen Ross

Rough and Ready by Cathleen Ross

Reviewed by Helen

This title says it all, it is rough and ready, this book is erotic and steamy and the sex is rough, but a fabulous story line and so well written, as I have come to expect from MS Ross’s stories, this is book two in this series and we meet Hugo Boudreaux and Alice Kaintuck, hang on for a wild ride.

Hugo is ex special ops and is doing a favour for his friend, biker Beast, he must infiltrate another MC, the Banderos, and this should be a breeze for him that is until he meets the club president’s daughter a gorgeous nurse, things turn out even better for him when he is assigned the task of being bodyguard to Alice, but keeping his sensual need for Alice is way too hard, falling for Alice was never part of the deal, he has issues of his own to repair.

Alice comes across as the quiet type caring as is the way with nurses, but growing up as an MC president’s daughter has taught her a lot and she can be tough as they come, which suits her when the very big and handsome now bodyguard Hugo teaches her a lot about sex, but after her last relationship a fling is all it is going to be, or is it?

There is a lot going on in this story and a lot of rough sex, but both Alice and Hugo are well suited in many ways, Alice is strong and tough and so very caring she has been through a lot in her life and is determined to stand up for herself, and Hugo what can I say he is tough and rough especially in the bedroom, but there is always caring there as well. Their journey to a HEA is a wild ride. If you love an erotic romance with a great story line then this is a book that I highly recommend.

4 stars

Published April 15th 2019 by Entangled Publishing LLC (Scorched)

Her Guilty Secret

Her Guilty Secret

Guilty as Sin #1

Clare Connelly

Her Guilty Secret by Clare Connelly

Reviewed by Helen

This is a powerfully emotional story, black and white, good and bad, opposites meet and forbidden love evolves in a classroom, one that had me turning the pages as Connor and Olivia have a secret affair that is so very, very erotic, hot and steamy but so moving and emotional, wow.

Olivia Amorelli is studying law at a top school in London she is determined to fight for the good justice to beat the criminals and do what has to be done to be the best prosecutor, but her professor Connor Hughes is making her want to be a bad girl and not the good girl she is, man he is gorgeous and she can’t help herself when she is near him.

Top Irish defence lawyer Connor Hughes, has come to London to be a professor at a top law school in London, he has demons that he is trying to get over, he is a hard teacher but a good one, but the pull he has to one of his students is over the top, and totally forbidden for a professor and student to have an affair.

I am not sure how to explain how good and emotional this one was, what starts off as a sensual pull, a desire for sex and hot sex becomes an affair of the heart, where Olivia gets to Connor’ heart and mind, makes him see and think, they do have such a forbidden affair, one that will curl the pages of the book, I loved it from start to finish, MS Connelly you rock this one is awesome, love shines from lust and I highly recommend it.
5 stars

Published February 1st 2019 by Mills & Boon Dare

King's Rule

King's Rule

Kings of Sydney #2

Jackie Ashenden

King's Rule by Jackie Ashenden

Reviewed by Helen

Jackie Ashenden is one of my favourite authors, her heroes are so dam tough and hard but always underneath is that loving caring hero and her heroines are strong and vulnerable and this book has both, I am really enjoying this series and getting to know Xander and Poppy was very enjoyable, and steamy hot, the pages could become a light, you will need a fan to keep you cool.

Xander King is determined to right a wrong that he is convinced he caused years ago and to do that she needs a good PA to work with and no one will work with the King family, so he insists on hiring is step-sister Poppy, the girl he really hates but there is no other option. This could mean a very rocky time for Xander.

Poppy is furious when Xander demands that she work for him, but in the end she has no choice, working for the man that she has never liked since her mother married his father when she was ten years old, their relationship has always been a feisty one, but now there is a pull that she cannot ignore.

This story is very erotic, steamy and with a controlling Xander pushing Poppy although not without her enjoying what is happening between them, they have a lot from their pasts that needs to be sorted both feel responsible for a death, both have had terrible childhoods and both have felt alone most of their lives, but when their sensual desire for each other explodes this causes their emotions to open up and heal, they say that there is a very thin line between love and hate, this is one that I highly recommend.

4/5 stars

Published January 1st 2019 by Harlequin Dare

Good Girl (Sexy Little Secrets) by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Nas Dean

GOOD GIRL (Sexy Little Secrets) by author Christy McKellen is a Harlequin Dare series release for April 2019.

This is Book 2 of Christy McKellen’s Sexy Little Secrets.
Book 1: Wild Child, release date- November 2018.
Book 2: Good Girl, release date- April 2019.
Book 3: She Devil, release date- August 2019.

Juno Darlington-Hume wants sex education from Italian playboy Alessandro Ricci so she could be more experienced for the man she really wants.

Along the way, she falls hard for Alessandro but he was not an academic like she was, would she settle for him?

GOOD GIRL is a steamy romance with sizzling love scenes. Author Christy McKellen skillfully brings sexy Alessandro to his knees and makes him fall in love with Juno. This is a terrific, emotional and a heart-warming story to read.

Highly recommended to readers of sensual stories and Harlequin Dare fans.


Good Girl

Sexy Little Secrets #2

Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Helen
Another fantastic story in this series from Christy McKellen, this time Juno Darlington-Hume the academic of the sisters gets her story with Italian playboy Alessandro Ricci both Sandro and Juno are so very different from their siblings and are prone to do what they feel they have to, this time they will let loose and find love and rapture together.

Juno has decided that it is time to lose her virginity after suffering a knock back from the man she is sure is right for her, finding a man to make her happy is not easy when she comes from the Darlington-Hume family and after research has come up with Sandro Ricci as the man she would like to learn all about sex with, only she also learns how to fall in love.

Sandro is often upsetting his family with his playboy life style, but when the beautiful Juno asks him to teach her about sex he says no that is not his style but when his situation changes he takes her on with strict rules and off to Florence they go. Sandro soon realizes that there is more to this PHD student Juno than people see and he seems to be falling under her spell when she truly understands him.

This story is sexy and hot as Sandro and Juno learn about each other as well as having the best sex, they are different but so similar in many ways and falling in love comes to them both as a bit of a shock, I really enjoyed this story it is beautifully written and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I do highly recommend this one lots of emotions on this journey to a beautiful HEA.
5 stars

Published April 1st 2019 by Mills & Boon Dare

Mr. One-Night Stand

Mr. One-Night Stand

Rachael Stewart

Mr. One-Night Stand by Rachael  Stewart

Reviewed by Helen

Hooley-Dooley talk about sensual sizzle, this one is hot and fabulous, MS Stewart rocks with her debut Dare book, I loved Marcus and Jennifer these two were meant to be together, the attraction was instant and the heat could have started a fire, this is one that you will not want to put down so make sure you have nothing else to do while you get comfortable and enjoy this story.

Jennifer Hayes works very hard, she needs to make sure that her mother and sister are well cared for, but when her business partner stands her up for a meeting, she spies the most gorgeous man she has ever seen and her body heats up and she knows that she must have one night with him, that should ease her body, but that one-night turns her world upside down when she finds out the Mr Wright is now her new business partner.

Marcus Wright is a very wealthy businessman, he is about to take over half a business and is due to meet both partners but looks like he has been stood up, oh but h does notice the gorgeous red-head at the bar, and cannot believe the sensual pull that he feels for her and when she buys him a drink, it looks like he is in for a very good night. Things turn around a little when Marcus finds out who the lady is.

Working together, running a successful company is hard enough but add in a very sensual affair and that should be a big no from both of them, especially when Marcus has no intention of their relationship being anything more that for sex, and Jennifer needs more. Both of them have issues with their family, but truly they were both fighting so hard not to fall in love, that when it hits them and they give in to love, the stars shine brightly for them, what a story I loved this one and I do highly recommend it, thank you MS Stewart.

5/5 stars

Expected publication: March 1st 2019 by Harlequin Dare



Renee Dahlia

Betrayed by Renée Dahlia

Reviewed by Helen

This is the story of two people who had grown up together, neighbours and best friends until one betrayed the other and both went in separate ways both lead very different lives, and now maybe fate has bought them back together, this story is really well written and takes in some controversial subjects, that effect people in life today and MS Dahlia has done it well.

Esther Woodhall grew up in what most people would see as a normal church going family, but if people looked closer they would see that the church in their family rules and Esther was not always happy, but she had her best friend and neighbour Jordon, they spent a lot of time together talking about life in general, Jordon and his family belonged to the church as well but yes Jordon was male. Just before Esther turned fourteen her life changed dramatically and at the age of sixteen she did something that was desperate and in the end left her alone and pregnant, eight years later she runs into her friend Jordon.

Jordon Stojanov felt so deceived and betrayed when Esther encouraged him into her bed and then wouldn’t have anything to do with him, and with his family falling apart, at eighteen he did what he thought was right and took off to Hong Kong to study engineering and he has done well he now owns his own company but he has never forgotten his best friend Esther, and to say he is stunned when eight years later he ends up naked in a hotel lobby and Esther is there.

I really enjoyed this story but is it hot and steamy and there is BDSM in this one, Ester and Jordon have a very explicit sexual and emotional journey to a beautiful HEA, but this story deals with the emotions that these two have gone through in the past and opens them up in the now, Esther and her daughter Ashia have struggled with Ashia’s deafness and trying to make ends meet, Jordon has done well and lives well but he also has things that he needs to come to terms with, but to win Esther over he has to work hard she is a very strong and independent woman now who knows what she wants for herself and her daughter. This is a story that had me turning the pages, and I look forward to more in this series.

4/5 stars

Expected publication: February 20th 2019